This Note reports on the exchanges that took place during a round table organised in March 2023 by the European Think Tanks Group (ETTG, a network to which IDDRI belongs) on Europe's role in reforming the international financial architecture for sustainable development. What priorities are at stake and what actions are possible so that Europe can fully influence the reforms by putting forward its own ideas and by forging progressive alliances with third countries?

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The EU context illustrates that the type of reforms for the multilateral development banks and international financial architecture for sustainable development on the table have in fact long been discussed in various forms and fora but there is, this year, a conducive platform to address these burning issues and concretely deliver on a substantial reform agenda. Europeans should be central to making it happen. Broad support already emerges on a number of issues and there will be numerous occasions to finetune them throughout the year. If an EU coalition of the willing can emerge from this process to concretely and urgently implement some of the proposed actions and join progressive coalitions with countries from the Global South, this would go a long way in its attempt to restore trust and credibility with partners throughout the world.

  • Élise Dufief,
  • Daniele Fattibene,
  • Niels Keijzer,
  • San Bilal,
  • Frédérique Dahan