Presentation and citation

An article published within the framework of a collaboration between the LSE Institute of Global Affairs and the LSE Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment with contributions from academics, researchers and organisations addressing the strongly interlinked climate threat and the health of the Ocean.

Treyer, S., Rochette, J. (2019). From Canary to Hummingbird: The Ocean vs the Climate Crisis, in From “Green” to “Blue Finance” Integrating the Ocean into the Global Climate Finance Architecture, LSE Global Policy Lab.


[...] like the hummingbird in the famous tale, a little action in the ocean could make an outsized contribution to the global effort towards climate change mitigation and adaptation. This could become true if such ocean-based solutions are designed well enough to play as trigger of transformative change in key sectors of the economy or in the economic model of whole regions. In this regard, there is an opportunity for ocean economies (those regions or countries where maritime or coastal sectors are critical for the economy) to be frontrunners of the transformation to a decarbonised and resilient society, at a time when it is very important to reinforce political leadership in climate action.