Visuel podcast hydrogène 2

Hydrogen strategies are the subject of our new episode.

Hydrogen is in the spotlight: since 2020, several European countries have been adopting hydrogen strategies, which can play a decisive role in decarbonisation. Now it's time to move on to implementation. What tools, funding and public policies are needed? What are the pitfalls to avoid? Ines Bouacida answers Sophie Larmoyer's questions.

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The ecological transition (energy or agro-ecological transition, development issues, etc.) is a subject of public policies. They are complex, sometimes underpinned by blockages or misunderstandings. At IDDRI, we propose possible solutions based on science. We put them on the democratic agenda because they are aimed at political and economic decision-makers, as well as at civil society as a whole. In these podcasts, IDDRI research fellows present their thoughts to shed light on the debate.