This Policy Brief highlights three key priorities—at COP26 and beyond—to ensure 1.5ºC climate action towards mid-century net zero is aligned with biogeochemical and biodiversity planetary boundaries.

Key Messages

  • Politically align climate action to 1.5ºC with biodiversity and ecosystem planetary boundaries
    1/CP.26 could read: The COP “Urges Parties, in order to reach the 1.5ºC long term temperature goal [and in accordance with Article 4.1 of the Paris Agreement, Article 4.1 (d) of the Convention, and to operationalize 1/CP.25 paragraph 15], to conduct rapid greenhouse gas emissions reductions alongside ambitious conservation and restoration of natural terrestrial and marine ecosystems."
  • Strengthen the science through a Joint IPCC/IPBES Special Report on climate and biodiversity
    1/CP.26 could read: The COP “Invites the IPCC and IPBES to provide a Joint Special Report on the linkages between biodiversity and climate change [in particular assess the sustainability thresholds of landbased climate mitigation measures, clarify the carbon-storage capacity of land sinks, and develop emission reduction pathways that reach the 1.5ºC goal while keeping within ecosystem integrity and planetary boundaries and ensuring other Sustainable Development Goals (e.g. food security) can be met.]”
  • Explore LT-LEDS as a tool to integrate ecosystems in low-emissions planning
    1/CMA.3 could include: The COP “Invites Parties to use LT-LEDS as a tool to promote and explore integrating biodiversity and ecosystem integrity into long-term, low-emissions mitigation and adaptation planning.”
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