Yann Briand leads this working session at the Movin'On Summit 2019 on Tuesday, June 4th

How can we build long-term trajectories able to contribute to the decision-making and the design of national decarbonization strategies? The working session will enable participants:

  • to discuss the DDP Analytical Framework as a supporting tool to design consistent long-term decarbonization pathways;
  • to get concrete feedbacks from invited experts regarding their experiences of being part of the design of 2050 long-term strategies

Speakers include:

  • Jérémie Almosni, chief of the Transport and Mobility service at the French Environment and Energy Management Governmental Agency (Ademe), Contributor to the French National Low-Carbon Strategy 2050
  • Jairo Quiros-Tortos, invited professor and coordinator of the Electric Power and Energy Research Laboratory at the University of Costa Rica (UCR), Contributor the Costa-Rican Decarbonization Plan 2050
  • Alexandre Paquot, head of the road transport unit in DG CLIMA at the European Commission, contributor to the 2050 Long-Term Strategy for EU

Meet the Transport Decarbonization Toolbox, at the Decarbonization Toolbox booth: presentation of the DDP Tool and the other tool supporting the policy decision making for the transport decarbonization for the 4C's: Countries, Cities, Companies and Citizens. 

This year, the Decarbonization Toolbox booth is also the "focal point" for international initiatives: TDA and SuM4All, in particular, will intervene and hold specific side-events and press-conference. The Transport Decarbonization Toolbox is supported by major international initiatives developed by IDDRI, WBCSD, WWF/SBT, ITF and PPMC. It provides tools to support transport stakeholders to identify detailed and implementable transport-related measures in order to contribute to limiting the global warming “well below 2°C” as agreed in the Paris Agreement and aligned with national and sector-specific objectives. It supports also an inclusive dialogue between countries, cities, regions, companies, citizens and experts in order to define relevant and imple-mentable low emissions objectives and associated strategies.

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