A presentation by Marie-Hélène Schwoob and William Loveluck during the session “Economic instruments and prospects for sustainable food systems” at the annual conference of the Société Française d' Économie Rurale, (French Society of Rural Economics), entitled “Agricultural and food policy: trajectories and reforms”.

The goal of this conference is to gather contributions to outline the evolutionary trajectories of agricultural, food and agri-environmental policies, according to an approach centred on the dynamics of agricultural and food policies, from the local level to the international level, and also fostering comparisons between countries and/or between periods.

Marie-Hélène et William present two papers :
- The lessons drawn from  Agricultural Transformation Pathways initiative, in terms of not only the methodology for conducting participatory backcasting exercises in the seven member countries, but also the key points of the transition discussed by the different teams;
- Possible evolution scenarios for the European agricultural sector by 2025(projet SUFISA)

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