A presentation by Pierre Marie Aubert and Xavier Poux at the EU Food & Farming Forum organised by the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food).

Since 2016, The IPES-Food has been undertaking a collaborative process of research and reflection to identify what tools would be required to deliver sustainable food systems in Europe. The ‘Common Food Policy’ vision that emerges will offer a comprehensive and holistic plan for the EU as it considers reforming the Common Agricultural Policy and other policy frameworks.

The EU Food and Farming Forum will be a historic event whereby key food system actors from across Europe will come together to co-construct a set of policy proposals addressed to the EU for a comprehensive ‘Common Food Policy’. Taking place symbolically one year before the 2019 EU elections, the Forum will yield concrete proposals to be taken up by political parties, campaign groups and ultimately by the EU institutions.

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