The Virtual Climate Summit, organised in partnership with the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, is the first 100% online event dedicated to climate change. This innovative event brings together a wide range of French professionals (local authorities, companies, financial actors) while avoiding greenhouse gas emissions linked to the travel of participants. A way of combining substance and form, and moving towards more coherence in the ways of fighting global warming. IDDRI, represented by Lola Vallejo, Director of the Climate Programme, is a member of the expert committee of this summit.

Yann Briand, Climate and Transport researcher, will be speaking on 19 November at the webinar "Low-carbon transition and adaptation pathways: how to build them and what appropriation by the actors? "with:

  • Edouard Fourdrin, Climate Service Engineer, ADEME
  • Dominique Lucas, Head of Environmental Performance team, Renault
  • Céline Phillips, Climate Service Engineer, ADEME

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More information about the project: "Deep Decarbonization Pathways for Mobility"