Nicolas Berghmans presents at the "The future of gas in Europe" conference organised by The Greens/European Free Alliance. 

After the adoption of the Clean Energy Package, the European Commission has begun preparatory work on the review of the internal gas market design. In parallel, the 4th PCIs (projects of common interest) list is under elaboration and will be published towards the end of 2019. However the Paris Agreement calls for a net-zero emissions society by the second half of the century at global level, meaning a net-zero carbon economy before 2050 in Europe. This implies a faster pace of decarbonisation in all sectors. The energy sector in particular should be leading the decarbonisation effort given the availability of technological solutions so that Europe moves towards a highly efficient, 100% renewable energy system.

What could be the role of gas in this 2050 perspective? While natural fossil fuel gas should be phased-out, other gases emerge and are presented as renewable alternatives. Different terms are used to describe them – such as “green gas”, “decarbonised gas” or “renewable gas”.

What are these gases? What are their potential, properties, costs and benefits? Are they compatible with a net-zero carbon emission society by 2050?

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