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These Sustainable Development Meetings ("Rencontres du développement durable") take place from September 22 to 29, under the patronage of the French Republic President Emmanuel Macron. They are organised by the Open Diplomacy Institute, opened and free to all.


September, 23 | 10:00 am - 11:30 am: 

Sébastien Treyer participated in the round-table n°1 : « Partager la Terre, gérons les communs » (Sharing the Earth: Managing the commons) 

Also with:

  • Damien Navizet, Head of the Climate Change Division of the French Development Agency (AFD)
  • Denis Pesche, Sociologist, Director of the joint research unit "Actors, Resources and Territories in Development"
  • Claire Pitollat, Member of the French Parliament, Chair of the National Assembly's study group on air quality
  • Karina von Schuckmann, Oceanographer, IPCC special report on oceans Lead Author
  • Yann Wehrling, French Deputy Ambassador for the Environment
  • Moderated by: Virginie Salmen, Europe 1

Replay (from 01:17:00):


September, 23 | 02:00 pm - 03:30 pm: 

Yann Laurans participated in the round-table n°2 : « Partager la Terre, respectons tout le vivant » (Share the Earth, respect all living things).

Also with:

  • Danielle Castagnoni, Professor at KEDGE Business School 
  • Frédéric Le Manach, Scientific Director of Bloom
  • Céline Soubranne, Director of CSR at Axa
  • Frédérique Tuffnell, French Deputy, Chair of the National Assembly's study group on water and biodiversity
  • Moderated by: Virginie Salmen, Europe 1

Replay (from 33:00): 

September, 24 | 10:00 am - 11:30 am: 

Michel Colombier participated in the round-table n°1 : « Accéder au bien-être, soucions-nous de l’habitat » (Access to well-being, let's take care of the habitat). 

Also with: 

  • Alain Capmas, President of the Emmaüs de Bougival community, Medef representative at the Grenelle Environment Forum in 2007 
  • Brigitte Métra, architect and urban planner, member of the Academy of Architecture 
  • Mickaël Nogal, deputy, vice-president of the Economic Affairs Commission 
  • Marilena Vecco, Professor at the Burgundy School of Business

Replay (from 01:17:00):



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