A presentation by Nicolas Berghmans on the strategic dimension of the energy transition at the “Rendez-vous de la réflexion stratégique” conference, organised by CSFRS in partnership with IFRI.

What are the main political, institutional, technological and economic challenges raised by the low-carbon energy transition that has been initiated in the EU and France? What rivalries exist between States and economic actors that will determine their pathways, monitor and control their value chains, and enable them to fully benefit from the transition? All these issues will be discussed at the “Rendez-vous de la réflexion stratégique” which will fuel the debate on the strategic dimensions of energy transition, as well as on the choices for the safety and viability of our future energy mix.

Speakers include:

  • Nicolas Berghmans, Research Fellow, Climate and Energy, IDDRI
  • Marc-Antoine Eyl-Mazzega, Director of IFRI’s Energy Center and Coordinator of the ENERGEO
  • Carole Mattieu, IFRI Researcher on European Energy and Climate Policy 
  • Emmanuel Hache, IRIS Research Director, Energy and Development Issues 
  • Samuel Carcanague, IRIS Researcher, Renewable Energies
  • Raphaël Danino-Perraud, PhD student at Orléans Economics Laboratory (LEO) and at the French Geological Survey (BRGM) 
  • Mario Pain, Senior Defence Official and Head of the Defence, Security and Economic Intelligence Department at the Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition.

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