The success of the IPCC has promoted a specific form for scientific expertise for environnement. How to assess these bodies which are central for sustainable development governance ?

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A Planet for Life is a publication on sustainable development, which combines the analyses of experts and practitioners from all over the world, giving the perspective of both Northern and Southern countries. Its principle: the diversity of observations. Since its creation in 2007, around 500 authors from all subject areas have contributed to it.

A Planet for Life was published every year in hard copy until 2015, each Annual focusing on a specific topic. In 2016, A Planet for Life has become a digital platform making available to everyone for free 10 years of expertise and analysis, as well as maps, agendas, etc. New issues are also regularly explored and presented online.

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  • Lucien Chabason,
  • Aleksandar Rankovic,
  • Alexis Bonnel,
  • Mario Molina,
  • Marie Roué,
  • Isabelle Biagiotti