End-of-study internship report of Laurian Gorce, student engineer in the civil engineering cycle, MINES ParisTech, option Public Affairs and Innovations (January-June 2019).

As part of the project "Autonomous Mobility, Sustainable Mobility?", IDDRI has woked on the question of the role of public authorities in guiding the development of autonomous mobility so that this innovation contributes as much as possible to the transition towards sustainable mobility. In contrast to the common image that intimates to public authorities, and in particular to the State, to confine itself to a role as a facilitator of innovation, it seems essential to reflect on the place and means available to public authorities to guide this innovation. In concrete terms, what does an innovation policy that meets the challenges of sustainable development mean?

IDDRI would like to thank the steering committee of this project: Jean Grébert (Renault), Bertrand-Olivier Ducreux (Ademe), and Pierre Delaigue (Vinci).


The recurrent framing of innovation discourses is what we call the dominant innovation discourses. These are not neutral in terms of defining the role of public power or taking into account the ecological transition. However, there are other discourses on innovation that propose different frameworks and then shape another role for public power, allow for other means of action, as well as a greater consideration of the objectives of ecological transition.

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  • Lauriane Gorce