Tyler, E., Mgoduso, L. (2022). Just energy transitions and partnerships in Africa: a South African case study. Meridian Economics.

This report belongs to a series dedicated to just energy transition partnerships in Africa produced within the framework of the Ukȧmȧ Platform. Other reports include a Senegal case study, a Nigeria case study and a synthesis paper.


Three years prior to the South African JETP announcement, Meridian Economics, a small South African think tank and advisory group, embarked on a three-year programme of work to conceptualise and socialise the ‘Just Transition Transaction’ (JTT), a large-scale climate finance transaction to unlock and support South Africa’s just energy transition. Working in a pre-JETP context, the JTT experience yields rich learnings for developed and developing countries wishing to embark on a JETP journey. These learnings come both from the process of advocating a large climate finance support mechanism both within South Africa and internationally, and from the technical design side.

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  • Emily Tyler,
  • Lonwabo Mgoduso