Sarr, S., Fall, S. (2022). Just energy transitions and partnerships in Africa: a Senegal case study. Enda Energie.

This report belongs to a series dedicated to just energy transition partnerships in Africa produced within the framework of the Ukȧmȧ Platform. Other reports include a Nigeria case study, a South African case study and a synthesis paper.


Different opportunities for a possible JETP agreement in Senegal mentioned during the stakeholder consultation:

  • The development of a culture of multi-stakeholder dialogue and the ease of creating spaces for policy dialogue around the JETP issue.
  • A clear political vision of the possibilities for achieving energy independence in Senegal and securing fuel supplies for SENELEC.
  • The need to reduce subsidies related to electricity tariff compensation and fuel bills.
  • The requirements of employability of young people through the development of service companies, specialized in gas and oil and the expansion of the base of trades with the industry of processing of gas and oil at the national level.
  • The potential for external investment to finance gas and renewable energy projects in Senegal.
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  • Sécou Sarr,
  • Samba Fall