Duwe, Matthias; Eike Karola Velten, Isabel Haase, Nicolas Berghmans, Nick Evans and Deyana Spasova (2021). Measuring progress towards climate neutrality. Ecologic Institute, Berlin / IDDRI, Paris.


Reaching climate neutrality requires changes in the way we organise our economies and conduct our daily lives. Net zero emission solutions often require integrated approaches across traditional sectors. Measuring progress towards climate neutrality needs to capture the complexity of the underlying transformation, to inform policymaking in a timely and sufficiently detailed fashion.

This report presents a framework that can do this job. It is built on a set of indicators that can provide a systematic overview on the change happening (or not) in essential underlying processes. It could be applied for both reporting and planning purposes, at EU and national level alike – and the report identifies where and how this should be done.

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  • Matthias Duwe,
  • Eike Karola Velten,
  • Nicolas Berghmans,
  • Isabel Haase,
  • Nick Evans,
  • Deyana Spasova