This report is the result of a cooperation between five French and European think tanks. It aims to inform the debate on the European elections so that French and European citizens and politicians can take the necessary decisions to meet the challenges of the energy transition and the fight against climate change.

Extract from the introduction

The climate and energy challenge echoes the fundamental debates at the heart of the European project. To address this, our think tanks have joined forces to identify concrete proposals, each on a decisive field of action: the governance of European energy and climate policy, the greening of European finance and the European budget, the instruments for social justice and innovation, trade policy and, finally, the decarbonisation of the electricity sector.

We are convinced that there is an urgent need: in order not to lock ourselves into choices incompatible with the preservation of the climate and the environment and to rise to the challenges, the European mandate 2019-2024 will have to drive profound and irreversible transformations. We must now act resolutely and without delay on all the available levers!

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