During the 2022 presidential campaign, candidate Macron announced a "social leasing" of electric vehicles at 100 euros per month for the most modest households. Since this announcement, the public authorities have been working on the implementation of this scheme, which has to overcome many obstacles: unsuitable vehicle models, or those that favour foreign players, costs that are too high, populations that are reluctant to change their habits, etc.

In collaboration with the NGO Transport & Environnement, IDDRI has drawn up the outlines of a system that meets the needs of the most vulnerable by creating an economic and industrial opportunity for manufacturers to produce small, affordable vehicles in France and Europe.

This report puts forward 8 proposals for setting up a comprehensive social leasing scheme, which takes into account the size of the beneficiaries and the characterisation of their needs, the industrial issues associated with the emergence of a range of adapted electric vehicles, the financing of the scheme in the medium term, and the establishment of a governance system shared between the State and local players. These proposals are intended to contribute to the discussions on the form and potential medium-term developments that this system could take.

Read the report online (T&E website)

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