A report published by the Blue Tourism Initiative (project partners: CORDIO East Africa, IUCN, IDDRI, Eco-Union, Caribbean Natural Resources Institute, With support from the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation) which promotes a holistic vision of maritime and coastal management in line with worldwide efforts to deliver the 2030 Agenda around marine regions, and which aims to improve the governance of coastal and marine tourism to ensure sustainable, inclusive and resilient development, and address the associated environmental, health, sociocultural and economic challenges.

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blue tourismThis report reviews the current situation of coastal and maritime tourism and identifies the challenges and opportunities faced by stakeholders today towards the development of a more sustainable blue tourism sector. The report introduces blue tourism, the main factors characterizing this tourism sub-sector, its governance and the legal and institutional framework. Moreover, blue tourism’s main market segments are examined, followed by a review of tourism impacts, and the current global issues that affect the sector. Drawing from a review of the key challenges and opportunities for a more sustainable blue tourism economy, policy pathways are recommended to reorient the sector towards a more sustainable and resilient future.

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