A dialogue organised by Bruegel, Climate Strategies and IDDRI.

The objective is to present a synthesis of the key findings of the COP21 RIPPLES project and to focus on technology, finance, industrial transformations and the political economy, which have been identified as key leverage points for triggering transformation.

To participate, please contact Marta Torres Gunfaus : marta.torres-gunfaus@iddri.org.

COP21: Results and Implications for Pathways and Policies for Low Emissions European Societies aims to analyse the transformations in the energy systems, and in the wider economy, that are required in order to implement the Paris Agreement (NDCs), and investigate what steps are needed to attain deeper, more ambitious decarbonisation targets, as well as the socio-economic consequences that this transition will trigger. With 18 partners from the EU and emerging countries, the project is running from 2016 to 2019.

Stay up to date with COP21 RIPPLES by visiting the dedicated website.