Fiona Kinniburgh is Research Fellow at IDDRI. Currently, Fiona is investigating the achievements and limitations of domestic measures to sustain biological diversity in five countries. The objective of this field work is to assess the Convention on Biological Diversity's (CBD) strategic plan 2011–2020 and thereby contribute to international discussions about the CBD's post-2020 future. Her previous work at IDDRI included research on the governance of agri-food supply chains in Europe.

Before joining IDDRI, Fiona served as a researcher, writer, and editor for the Risky Business Project, an initiative to assess and publicize the economic risks of climate change to agriculture, health, coastal infrastructure, energy, and other sectors in the U.S. She has also worked as a consultant on the drafting of proposals for sustainable development projects on biodiversity, agriculture, and tourism in various developing countries.

Fiona holds a bachelors degree in Sustainable Development from Columbia University and a Master's in Environmental Policy from Sciences Po.