Glen Wright worked on various aspects of marine policy and ocean governance, specialising in the higs seas/areas beyond national jurisdiction, regional ocean policy, and marine spatial planning.

Glen studied law at the Universities of Nottingham (UK) and Texas (US), and has a masters in environmental law from the University of New South Wales (Australia). He is currently pursuing his PhD part-time with the Australian National University, studying the legal and policy implications of large-scale ocean energy developments. Prior to joining IDDRI, Glen worked at REN21 on renewable energy policy. He has previously worked on electricity regulation at the Total Environment Centre, one of Australia’s leading environmental NGOs, and as a paraegal in the energy team at Freehills, Australia's biggest law firm.

Glen is a member of the IUCN World Commission on Environmental law and the founder of Little Blue Letter, an uplifting ocean newsletter curated each week by a young ocean leader. In his spare time, Glen runs a blog about the lighter aspects of academic life and recently published the book, Academia Obscura: The Hidden Silly Side of Higher Education.

Glen speaks English, French, Spanish.