The aim of this project is to engender key public policy debate and discussion resulting in new policy papers in areas where key changes in policy and practice can leverage major improvements in the lives of the world’s poor and reduce current global inequities—including health care provision and agricultural development as agreed areas of debate.

IDDRI will design and deliver a series of four workshops, bringing together key stakeholders in the French aid system for a candid and open discussion under Chatham House rules on the focus and impact of French ODA within the wider context of emerging debates on development within Europe, in order to position French aid as focused on catalytic, poverty-reducing investments such as health and agriculture.

The workshops will seek to build upon IDDRI’s unique convening power which spans academic, government bodies and civil society interest groups to engender a candid dialogue on the following four themes:

  • 1. Mechanisms for Effective Aid Policy and Reforms
  • 2. Smart Aid for Agricultural development
  • 3. Smart Aid for Health care interventions
  • 4. Innovations and learning processes in the making of smart aid

This project has been led by Tancrède Voituriez et Noura Bakkour.

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