This project is being carried out with contributions from F-X. Demoures (Grand Récit), L. Francou (Parlons Climat), S. Dubuisson-Quellier (CNRS- SciencesPo), M. Fleurbaey (Paris School of Economics), C. Lejeune (SciencesPo), J. Ferrando (Missions Publiques), L. Chancel (SciencesPo - PSE), S. Thiriot (Ademe)

The ecological transition cannot take place without changing lifestyles, which implies profound changes in the main sectors (food, mobility, etc.) and in society as a whole. Understanding how to implement these changes means overcoming the silos that prevent us from understanding what is blocking and finding solutions at the political, economic and social frontiers. In this context, IDDRI's Lifestyles in Transition programme, in collaboration with the HotorCool institute, is launching a new project mobilising the concept of the social contract to make progress in this direction.