Mathieu Saujot heads the Lifestyles in transition programme at IDDRI. His recent work has focused on the integration of lifestyles in environmental foresight, the transition to a sustainable food supply accessible to all and the social and democratic dimension of the transition.

He has been conducting research at IDDRI since 2010 on a number of issues linking cities and the ecological transition: the transition to low-carbon cities and urban modelling; policies against fuel poverty (in housing and mobility) and affordable housing policies; analysis of the linkages between lifestyles and technical systems in the sustainable city project; and urban planning issues. Recently, he has developed a research series on digital cities, analysing data challenges in “smart” cities and the potential of urban crowdsourcing tools.

Mathieu is a graduate of ENSTA ParisTech and has a PhD in economics. He completed his thesis at Mines ParisTech under the supervision of P.N. Giraud on the planning of low-carbon cities.