The aim of this event, jointly organized by the French Urban Planning Agencies Network (FNAU) and IDDRI, with the support of the Caisse des Dépôts, is to facilitate the exchange of ideas on the way in which local authorities address the issue of affordable housing in their local policies and the sharing of tools introduced by the ALUR Act (particularly the real property lease, Bail réel immobilier – BRI).


Affordable housing as part of local housing policies is a growing concern for elected officials and housing actors. It echoes the observation that property development does not always correspond to the needs and capacities of a large proportion of households seeking to own property. New tools have been offered by the ALUR Act (BRI, Organisme de Foncier solidaire) to implement affordable housing policies. To what extent have actors seized these tools? To what extent do these tools meet the challenges identified by local authorities? This event will involve the presentation of a study carried out by the FNAU and IDDRI on the real property lease and a discussion on this topic with the relevant actors. This study is based on the participation of the urban planning agencies of Dunkirk, Rennes, Lyon and Toulouse.