In France, intense political attention is currently focused on mobility: the recent organization of the French National Conference on Mobility, the appointment in autumn 2017 of a senior official for the national strategy for the development of autonomous vehicles (Anne-Marie Idrac), the current preparation of a mobility law, etc.

These various events and processes are a positive sign, given the profound changes under way in the mobility sector: new collaborative uses, increasing digital integration, the growth of electromobility, growing interest surrounding autonomous vehicles, etc. Faced with these transformations, the stakes in terms of public policies are multiplying: what will be the mobility models of tomorrow, and how can we prepare for such futures? What are the risks, but also what are the opportunities in terms of sustainable development? What are, and what will be, the levers of action for the public authorities to ensure that these transformations follow a virtuous pathway?

IDDRI explores these questions through a prospective study on the future of autonomous mobility, based on the discussions within the framework of the Mobility Transitions Platform, organized and led by IDDRI since January 2017, which brings together various French actors in the mobility sector. This seminar will provide an opportunity to discuss the main results of this work in consultation with Jean-François Sencerin, who is in charge of these issues at Renault and also the Director of the “autonomous vehicle” programme within the New France Industrial plan, an inter-ministerial structure responsible for the management of the network of industrial actors in this field.