From 8.30am to 1pm, at SciencesPo, room Sorel, 10th floor

27, rue Saint-Guillaume – 75007 Paris

IDDRI’s latest report on efforts needed for France to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be presented during the conference.

At this stage, if current trends were to be continued, France will not reach all the 17 SDGs by 2030. France is committed to the SDGs through the United Nations resolution in September 2015, yet the sense of ownership of the SDGs within the French public sphere is currently very limited. If France wants to position itself as a major actor in what could become the future economic, social and environmental agenda, the government and the civil society should seize "Agenda 2030" and pragmatically analyse what is the purpose of SDGs and how to use them strategically.

This conference will ask the following questions:

  • Is France on the road to fulfil the SDGs by 2030?  
  • How can the SDGs be transformative in neighbouring countries? 
  • Do the SDGs contain new or more ambitious objectives than France's own objectives? A case study of inequalities.

This conference organized by IDDRI aims to engage a collective reflection with the various stakeholders involved in the implementation of SDGs in France, supported by IDDRI’s report and the experience from other European countries.

With the participation of: Lucien Chabason (senior advisor, IDDRI), Thierry Dedieu (CFDT), Annie Quick (Lead for Wellbeing and Inequality, New Economics Foundation), Wolfgang Obenland (Global Policy Forum), Imme Scholz (deputy director, DIE), Teresa Ribera (director, IDDRI), Nicolas Vercken (Oxfam), Pierre Victoria (Sustainable Development Director, Veolia) and Nina Weitz (Chercheure, Stockholm Environment Institute).