A conference organized jointly by IDDRI and Green Budget Europe (GBE) on October 29 & 30, at Paris (Sciences Po)

The Eurozone crisis is not over. States and banks still have a long way to go in consolidating their budgets and deleveraging. In this context, several voices have called for broad-based fiscal reform in EU Member States to reduce budget deficits and put European economies on a more sustainable path.

The conference will explore the role of green taxes in these reform processes and will address the following 3 questions:

  • How can the green dimension be integrated into the broader fiscal reform agenda in France?
  • How can reform proposals in France feed into EU level debates and so enhance fiscal convergence?
  • How can Environmental Fiscal Reform be better integrated in harmonisation processes at EU level, such as the Fiscal Compact and the European Semester?

The event will bring together high-level policy makers, representatives of international and EU organisations, the research community and civil society to discuss opportunities for reform in France and in Europe.


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