The "Seminar on Sustainable Development and Environmental Economics" (SDDEE) is changing its name to "Mardi de l'Iddri" (IDDRI Tuesdays)!

For nearly twenty years, IDDRI has been offering, through this monthly event accessible to all, deciphering and debates on sustainable development issues that must be placed at the heart of public policies and private strategies.
Sustainable development is everyone's business: scientists, politicians, companies and civil society. These conferences aim to put into discussion the analyses of a wide range of actors, particularly at the international level, in order to enlighten debates and decisions.

With 137 MtCO2eq in 2018, the passenger and freight transport sector is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in France (approximately 30% of national emissions). Nearly a third of these emissions are due to freight transport: they have been rising since the 1990s, driven by a sharp increase in trade and despite improvements in engine energy efficiency; then the shock of the financial crisis in 2007-2008 caused demand for freight transport to fall and halted this increase; however, over the last ten years, these emissions have stabilised. The latest draft of the French National Low Carbon Strategy (NLCS) and the french "carbon neutrality" target now raise the level of ambition of greenhouse gas reduction for the land freight transport sector to zero emissions in 2050, i.e. total decarbonation.

The challenge is therefore immense for road, rail and inland waterway freight transport. Many options remain open to achieve this objective: should we reduce trade in goods? Reducing transport distances between different links in the value chain? What is the place of non-road, rail and inland waterway transport modes in the transition? What are the different low-carbon technologies for the road fleet? Etc.

It is within this framework that the Deep Decarbonization Pathways research group, composed of Ifsttar, Cired, EDF R&D and IDDRI, has carried out work on the decarbonization of freight transport in France to shed light on some of these questions.
During this IDDRI Tuesdays session, Ifsttar and IDDRI will present the main results of the study "Deep decarbonation trajectories for freight transport in France", then discuss certain aspects of the transition with representatives from the DGEC and SNCF Logistics before opening the floor to questions.


  • Yann Briand, Climate & Transport Research Fellow, Climate Programme, IDDRI
  • Martin Koning, Research Fellow, SPLOTT Laboratory, Ifsttar
  • Guillaume Gazaignes, Director Innovation and CSR, SNFC Logistics
  • Joseph Hajjar, Head of the Bureau of Emissions, Projections and Modelling, MTES-DGEC

This conference will be moderated by Lola Vallejo, Director of the Climate Programme, IDDRI.