International Union for Conservation of Nature (UICN) Headquarters

Julien Rochette and Glen Wright will speak during this seminar.


This workshop aims to provide leading scientific, legal and policy considerations for informing United nations General Assembly discussions on 1) the role of ABMTs, including MPAs for advancing conservation and sustainable use pursuant to a new implementing agreement, and 2) the designation, declaration and management of MPAs and their networks in areas beyond national juridication (ABNJ).

More specifically, the workshop will seek to provide concrete solutions with respect to ABMTs, including MPAs, by exploring possible types, objectives and management plans, procedures for the development of networks, and mechanisms for institutional cooperation and implementation. With respect to sectoral ABMTs, the workshop will explore the role of existing bodies, the value of common criteria and guidelines, and the value of overarching objectives, principles and targets.

Focusing on regional approaches in the South West Indian Ocean and the North East Atlantic will provide a useful opportunity, and concrete examples, to discuss how a new agreement could be successfully implemented in specific regions both with respect to mechanisms for MPA (networks) as well as for sectoral ABMTs and for exploring mechanisms for marine spatial planning.