Raphaël Billé, Matthieu Wemaëre and Julien Rochette will participate in the "Regional Workshop on harmonizing the national legal and institutional framework with ICZM Protocol", to be held in Zagreb, Croatia, and organised by UNEP PAP/RAC and the MedPartnership Project.

They will present the recent outcomes of the ProtoGizc project and in particular:

  • "Analysing and promoting ICZM implementation beyond purely legal issues" (Raphaël Billé)
  • "The Mediterranean ICZM Protocol in face of the EU law" (Matthieu Wemaere)
  • "Analysis of the Mediterranean ICZM Protocol: content and legal scope of the key provisions” (Julien Rochette)
  • "Coastal setback zones in the Mediterranean" (Julien Rochette
  • "Analysis of the Croatian legal framework in face of the Mediterranean ICZM Protocol’s provisions" (Julien Rochette)