Torre-Schaub, M., Lormeteau, B. (dir.) (2021). Les Dynamiques du contentieux climatique - Usages et mobilisations du droit. Éditions Mare & Martin, Collection de l'ISJPS, vol. 60.


Faced with the current climate crisis, which threatens our way of life and our democratic systems, civil society is mobilizing in new ways. Among the tools chosen, the law appears to be the preferred instrument of this societal activism. These mobilisations and uses of the law manifest themselves in particular through 'judicial activism' in the courts, taking the form of 'climate litigation'. These disputes thus appear to be a legal response to the climate emergency.

This book traces the different dynamics of climate litigation by analysing and presenting the main ideas of an in-depth research on the real extent of the judge's normative power in the context of the fight against climate change.

> Foreword by Michel Colombier and Laurence Tubiana: "Reflections on climate justice and climate litigation"

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