Podcast PAC

The ecological transition (energy or agro-ecological transition, development issues, etc.) is a subject of public policies. They are complex, sometimes underpinned by blockages or misunderstandings. At IDDRI, we propose possible solutions based on science. We put them on the democratic agenda because they are aimed at political and economic decision-makers, as well as at civil society as a whole. In these podcasts, IDDRI research fellows present their thoughts to shed light on the debate.

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is the subject of our new episode.

Founding pillar of the European Union since the 1960s, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has changed a lot over the years and the crises the European continent has had to face. While a new CAP will come into force in January 2023, Cap sur la transition returns to the origins of this European policy, to focus on the way it integrates the European environmental ambition today. The reform of January 2023, which gives more power to the States, causes tensions and arm twisting. Can a more restrictive European legislative framework save the day? Pierre-Marie Aubert answers questions from Sophie Larmoyer.

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