On the road to the CBD COP15, the development of a new monitoring and review mechanism is a crucial issue to give credibility to and strengthen biodiversity policies. Against this background, this Policy Brief highlights five proposals to ensure a strengthened monitoring and review of the post-2020 Biodiversity framework.

Key Messages

  • Strengthening National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs). While remaining the central tool in the implementation of the CBD, the ambition of NBSAPs should be aligned with the 2050 Vision and goals and the planning of implementation measures with the 2030 global goals and targets. Their legal scope should also be strengthened through greater enforceability at the national level.
  • Enhancing reporting, through periodic reports, based on a harmonized format, on the measures taken by the Parties and on the progress made in meeting the targets set at the national level to align with the 2030 and 2050 targets.
  • Creating a mandatory individual review and verification procedure, through a technical verification phase of national reports and a second, more political phase to make recommendations to countries to improve implementation.
  • Establishing a global periodic review, which is necessary to assess the collective efforts of all Parties against the internationally agreed goals and targets.
  • Establishing a (non-)compliance mechanism, through the establishment of a specific procedure under the Convention itself, complementary to the procedures established under its two protocols (Cartagena and Nagoya).
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