Better aligning ambition and action for climate and biodiversity is necessary to make progress on both challenges and more strongly push for the transformative change required in most socioeconomic sectors to set societies on the path to sustainability and achieve the goals of Agenda 2030. Key steps can already be taken in 2021 to make climate and biodiversity actions stronger together.

The Post-2020 Biodiversity Framework - EU Support Project is funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France.

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What would be the political impetus for aligning global climate and biodiversity ambitions towards COP15 and COP26, but also beyond 2021?

  • 2021: At COP15 and COP26: jumpstart joint work on (1) greater alignment in NDCs/NBSAPs, (2) reporting and accountability (SBIs), and (3) synergies and trade-offs (SBSTA/SBSTTA). The G7 and G20 also represent opportunities to ensure a greater narrative on aligned climate and biodiversity ambitions and action.
  • 2022: ideas included: (1) an implementation summit in 2022 after the three Rio COPs, (2) the high-level political forum of SDGs as an important place to advance an integrative vision, (3) Stockholm + 50 and UNEA-5 as critical moments for creating additional political traction at the global scale.
  • 2023: the Paris Agreement Global Stocktake is a milestone to integrate biodiversity into global climate accountability towards reaching carbon-neutrality and long-term collective climate goals.