This publication is a general overview of the Audacities project conducted by IDDRI and FING. It presents the key lessons of Audacities, based on the research work, the analysis of case studies and the workshops organised as part of the project. It constitutes a type of manual, which we wanted to be as direct and concise as possible, including explanations, lessons, and also certain positions, intended for those who plan and build the real digital city.

We took the decision to specifically observe digital cities and to take the measure of the changes and disruptions underway, in order to understand the issues at the interface between digital innovation and governance. This translated into the exploration of five case studies [in French] that form the basis of this process:

  • Distributive measurement and contributive cities (PDF)
  • Sustainable mobility (PDF)
  • Digital technology and neighbourhood sociability (PDF)
  • Civic-tech and participation (PDF)
  • Trade and logistics (PDF)

The work of Audacities was also based on numerous exchanges with the community of actors dealing with digital cities.

  • Infographics (PDF)


  • Read also this case study on the impacts of open data inclusion in terms of social justice (PDF)
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  • Marine Albarede,
  • Tatiana de Feraudy,
  • Thierry Marcou,
  • Mathieu Saujot