A webinar organized by IDDRI, I4CE, l'OFCE et l'Institut Jacques Delors

In the midst of an energy crisis, France is preparing for a winter of tension. As the French National Assembly prepares to vote on the 2023 budget bill and Europe tries to find a collective solution to this crisis, many questions remain open as to the ability to manage the economic and social emergency and the acceleration of the energy and climate transition.

Against this backdrop, four French think tanks proposed a deciphering of the energy crisis and the responses provided by France's 2023 budget and by the European Union:

  • When will the energy crisis end?
  • Is the tariff shield an effective response to the economic, social and ecological challenges of this crisis?
  • Between fragmented national approaches and the desire to speak with one voice: what solutions can be found to manage the energy crisis on a European scale?
  • Is the 2023 budget up to the challenge of accelerating the climate transition?


  • Damien Demailly, Deputy Director, I4CE 
  • Phuc-Vinh Nguyen, Researcher on French and European Energy Policies, Jacques Delors Institute 
  • Andreas Rüdinger, Coordinator on Energy Transition in France, IDDRI
  • Xavier Timbeau, Director of OFCE

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