In the run-up to 2017's G20 under Germany's presidency, IDDRI contributed to the G20 Insights Initiative, a platform gathering the analyses and recommendations of more than 170 international think tanks from G20 Member States, as well as to the F20 Platform, an alliance of foundations and philanthropic organisations.

Recommendations dealing with climate poliies, ecological transition and Sustainable Development Goals have therefore been forwarded directly to the G20 in preparation of the Hamburg Summit taking place on July 7-8.


The Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development will benefit from coordinated contributions from G20 countries. International cooperation is particularly important when addressing the sustainable use and protection of global commons such as the ocean (SDG14), especially on the high seas. At the same time SDG14 should be implemented with consideration of the interactions with other SDGs in order to promote coherent ocean policies as a basis for a thriving and sustainable ocean economy. G20 countries have the opportunity to lead global cooperation through both protection and restoration measures for coastal and marine ecosystems and a carefully approach to sustainable exploitation of marine resources. This T20 Policy Brief draws heavily on various recent policy and analysis papers on the ocean economy, the SDGs and the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for oceans, seas and marine space and resources and provides a synthesis for decision makers.

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