The Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI), the Next generation internet foundation (FING), and WWF France have collaborated to contribute to the discussion around the possible types of action that public authorities—at the national as well as local levels—could undertake in order to leverage the digital transition to drive the ecological transition. We have also benefited from the contribution of several other actors, foremost among which are the French Digital Council (Conseil national du numérique) and the Transitions2 network (réseau Transitions2).

This White Paper is the result of this unique collaboration. Its objective is not to summarise all existing proposals, but rather to prompt discussion on the most suitable policies, to invite counter-proposals and complementary approaches, thus providing inputs to public authorities wishing to take action in this direction or support existing private sector initiatives. Its aim is to pave the way for a new political agenda.




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34 pages
  • Damien Demailly,
  • Mathieu Saujot,
  • Renaud Francou,
  • Daniel Kaplan,
  • Jean François Marchandise,
  • Marine Braud,
  • Aurélie Pontal,
  • Frédéric Bordage,
  • François Levin,
  • Jan Krewer