Gattuso, J.-P., Jiao, N. (2022). Ocean-based climate actions recommended by academicians from Europe and China. SCIENCE CHINA Earth Sciences.


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Ocean acidification, deoxygenation and sea level Rise impacted by global warming intertwined with anthropogenic activities have resulted in tremendous ecological losses at species, diversity and ecosystem levels, leading to serious consequences. This calls for a dramatic scaling up of efforts in implementing ambitious mitigation and adaptation plans. A joint working group from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the European Academy of Sciences (EurASc) on ocean-based measures for climate action is thus formed in response to this urgent need.

The CAS-EurASc Working Group evaluated 19 ocean-based measures and grouped them into four major categories:

I. Measures addressing the causes of climate change.

II. Measures supporting biological and ecological adaptation.

III. Measures to enhance societal adaption.

IV. Solar radiation management.

The 19 ocean-related measures were classified into four policy-relevant clusters: “Decisive measures”, “Low regret measures”, “Unproven measures”, and “Risky measures”.