At the end of work carried out since 2020 within the framework of a platform of multidisciplinary experts, IDDRI and ADEME propose in this Study "no-regrets" policy recommendations aimed at accelerating energy renovation policies in France, based on two key principles: change of scale and performance.

Key Messages

  • Despite recent progress, energy renovation policies are still hampered by controversies that need to be made explicit in order to overcome them. These controversies concern both the political objectives and the strategic approaches to implementation.
  • The debate on the relevance and feasibility of energy-efficient renovations runs through much of this controversy. It can be overcome by mobilizing prospective visions and economic analysis: the former converge on the need to rapidly massify these efficient renovations in order to achieve the objective of carbon neutrality. The second allows us to identify and implement the conditions for the viability of efficient renovations, a key success factor for their massification.
  • To accelerate the pace of renovation of private housing, several no-regret actions can be identified: these aim above all to align all public policy instruments (communication, support, financial aid, financing mechanisms, regulations) with the performance objective, while avoiding the "silo" operation of the various policies targeting housing.
  • In a context marked by crises and unprecedented urgency, stakeholders are waiting for a strong political signal to define a clear course for the decades to come. Starting from the work on controversies, this calls for the shared definition of an ambitious roadmap to succeed in the challenge of housing renovation.
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