The Centre d'écriture et de rhétorique de Sciences Po and IDDRI offered Sciences Po researchers a dialogue with Patrick Chamoiseau on Tuesday, April 28.

This meeting provided an opportunity for an exchange between researchers, particularly those from the Atelier Interdisciplinaire de Recherche sur l'Environnement (AIRE, Sciences Po), and a writer who has explored various themes and notions in his work, such as creolity and globalism alongside Edouard Glissant. These invitations to reflect and rethink our relationship to the world seem essential in a period of crisis that reveals huge issues concerning globalization and global transformations at work, both in terms of connectivity, cooperation and diversity.
As part of his courses at the Centre for Writing and Rhetoric, Patrick Chamoiseau also supports students in their understanding and practice of creativity.

  • For more information on Patrick Chamoiseau, here is the keynote address given at the handover event between him and Marie Darrieussecq in January 2020. Winner of the 1992 Prix Goncourt, which has received numerous awards, Patrick Chamoiseau is an author of novels, stories, essays and screenplays. The subject and forms of creolity run through his work.
  • For more information on the Centre d'écriture et de rhétorique and the Writer in Residence Chair:  click here.