Morks Reid Global (2024). A Just and Equitable Transition: Politics, Partnerships and Economics of Namibia’s Electricity and Hydrogen Sectors. Scoping Paper on Namibia. Ukȧmȧ.

This paper belongs to a series dedicated to green industrialization in Africa produced within the framework of the Ukȧmȧ Platform. Other reports include the other two country case studies (Nigeria and Kenya), a Policy Brief, and a Synthesis Paper.


Namibia is driven by the possible economic and social gains from developing its electricity and hydrogen sectors. Namibia’s climate mitigation agenda aligns with Europe’s ambition to decarbonize while attaining acceptable levels of energy security. This scoping paper analyses Namibia’s ambitions and aspirations and the expectations of a just and equitable energy transition with the focus of understanding the enablers and limitations of Namibia’s transition of the two connected sectors. We limited the scope to understanding the political economy issues in the transition, job potential and how EU-Namibia partnership could be an enabler of the transition.

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