Following on from IDDRI’s research on the opportunities provided for sustainable development by the digital transition, this workshop will focus on the uses of crowdfunding (as a loan or grant) by the local authorities.

Following on the project

Uses of crowdfunding by local authorities


This workshop will take place int 2 parts

  • major challenges posed by the emergence of this tool in local authority practices

The first part of the afternoon will be dedicated to exploring the major challenges posed by the emergence of this tool in local authority practices, whether in a dynamic based on support for actors in the territory (associations, companies, citizen initiatives, etc.), or in the context of projects led by the authorities themselves. What are the key motivations for this?For what types of projects does crowdfunding seem appropriate? Are there problems of competition with traditional funding channels for the local authorities and democratic issues? How is the mobilisation of crowdfunding changing the role played by the authorities?

  • The implementation of the Paris City Hall Climate Plan

The second part will concentrate on a prospective case study, that of the implementation of the Paris City Hall Climate Plan, which is aimed at achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Based on the questions addressed in the first part, each working group will examine the potential use of crowdfunding in three strategic sectors (energy retrofits in buildings, the deployment of renewables, waste and biogas), as well as possible synergies with the other financing mechanisms for the Climate Plan.

Actors & Event partner

The workshop will involve around 30 people, including representatives of local authorities and crowdfunding platforms, public and private actors connected with finance, energy and construction, and associations.

This event is organised in collaboration with the Maison des Acteurs du Paris Durable (Sustainable Paris actors’ association), and will take place on their premises.