Background and issues

The power sector in Europe is confronted with a rapidly changing environment: slow-down in electricity consumption growth, new uses (electric vehicles, storage), rise of renewable energy, emergence of new players and business models.

In response, several political initiatives have emerged at the French, regional and European levels to change the regulatory framework of the electricity system. Strengthening the integration of the European electricity market is a priority of the EU Energy Union strategy to improve the integration of renewable energies, while ensuring a sustainable, affordable and secure electricity supply. Therefore, the achievement of ambitious political agreements at regional or European level is necessary on the rules of the electricity market and the development of the electricity grid in Europe.

In particular, the legislative proposals included in the Clean Energy package for All, currently under negotiation between European partners, include proposals to facilitate the integration of renewable energies, regulate capacity mechanisms, increase the role of consumers in the energy markets and strengthen the regionalization of the electricity market in Europe. Once adopted, these new regulations will be implemented by the Member States at the National level.


Iddri is supporting this political process by:

  • Animating expert forums at the French and regional level involving key stakeholders (academics, researchers, policy makers, energy companies, NGOs) with the objective to form a common understanding on the challenges ahead and inform current policy debates with science-based analysis. These forum are organized in partnership with Agora Energiewende (French Electricity Policy Seminars and Penta forum) and CE Delft (Penta forum).
  • Production of Iddri studies and contributions to techno-economic studies on relevant topics for the energy transition in the power sector: renewable energy integration to the grid, evolution of renewable support mechanisms, European energy market reforms and transition scenarios for the electricity sector.

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