Over the past 50 years, biodiversity and ecosystem services have experienced a significant loss, generating socio-economic costs and threatening human well-being. In a context of the stagnation of public funds and international assistance, the development and implementation of economic instruments, including market-based instruments, is often recommended because it is thought to be an efficient means of encouraging biodiversity conservation and its financing.

Among the available tools, payments for environmental services and biodiversity compensation are promoted at the global, regional, national and local levels.

Based on the results of the INVALUABLE research project, a European programme funded by ERANET BiodivERsA, led by several European partners and coordinated by IDDRI, this conference aims to inform debates on the use of these market-based tools for biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services, by taking stock of their benefits and risks, and proposing avenues for fair, equitable and effective implementation on the ground.

This conference will be an opportunity to compare the scientific results of the INVALUABLE programme with the views, experiences and needs of the various actors involved in the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services; to effectively bring science and public decision-making closer together. The event will bring together practitioners, public decision-makers and representatives of civil society from various countries.

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