Faced with the possible depletion of their growth models and with the ecological imperative, industrialized societies must transform themselves to ensure the prosperity of their citizens. Innovation is needed to decouple growth from environmental degradation or to decouple growth from prosperity. They must—in a globalised context—create a fertile ground for innovation and the development of new technologies and new economic models.

To discuss these issues and the new models that must be built in the perspective of a crisis exit, IDDRI is organising an international conference with actors from the economic, political, academic and civil society spheres.

  • Format: a day and a half of conferences and debates organised into five plenary sessions
  • Language: French and English with simultaneous interpretation

An exceptional international conference organised by IDDRI, in partnership with Les Échos, under the aegis of François Hollande, President of the French Republic.


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Interview of Nicholas Stern

Interview of Jeffrey Sachs

Interview of Georgios Papandreou

Interview of Rob Hopkins

Interview of Dan O'Neill

Interview of Lena Sommestad

Interview of Luciano Coutinho