2015 has been a year of vibrant multilateralism, of the construction of a common vision for the planet, for the people and for peace.

It is now time to accelerate individual efforts and to enhance cooperation.

On May 10th and 11th 2016, IDDRI brought together at Paris, 150 major actors from different countries and backgrounds to share perspectives and experiences on the key levers for the realization of the exceptional dynamic generated in 2015, and on the new agenda that needs to be built for sustainable development.

Three major challenges, elaborated with an advisory board, have been discussed:

  • Tracking commitments made by governments and non-state actors
  • Shifting investments and converging expectations
  • Ensuring social justice and solidarity 

    These challenges have been addressed in plenary session and fifteen discussion workshops held in sub-groups, led by international experts and practitioners.

Download the Conference Agenda


  • A background note for each session of the conference has been published 
  • Video recording of the event are available on the our Youtube channel

    Interview of Teresa Ribera

This event has received financial support from the French government in the framework of the programme “Investissements d’avenir”, managed by ANR (the French National Research Agency) under the reference ANR-10-LABX-01