On November 24, from 2pm to 3:30pm, the DDP network will launch a report “Innovative International Cooperation for Climate: Reconciling urgent action and transformational change”.  The technical dialogue of the Global Stocktake calls for ”creativity and innovation in international” cooperation as a critical enabler to achieve the unprecedented systems change required to achieve the Paris Agreement goals. The report illustrates how innovation in international cooperation can help unlock barriers to climate ambition by drawing upon examples within the steel, freight transport, and agriculture, forests, and land use (AFOLU) sectors.

The report discusses:

  • a revised approach to international value chains in primary steel production compatible with the development of green iron in renewables-rich countries ;
  • new industrial and infrastructure organization patterns compatible with the reduction of freight transport needs and of the share of road in logistics ;
  • changes in land use and agricultural practices compatible with a halt in deforestation and biodiversity-friendly agriculture.

This report emerges from detailed assessments of the necessary conditions for transitioning at the national level, as analyzed by the DDP network.

More details on the program and presenters to follow.